This is a love letter of sorts.  

It all started with a puppet bobcat.

Two years later, that puppet bobcat is the reason why I have so much focus in where I want to take my career.  Biff the Bobcat taught me the value of constantly challenging yourself, of toeing the fine line between truth and entertainment, and most of all, to not be afraid to keep your head high even if you’re a little bit different from the crowd.

This past week has ended my three year career at the Montana State Exponent - the single most important factor of my college experience.  Being a culture writer led to so many opportunities for me - an internship with the wonderful Katie Goodman at Broad Comedy, free tickets to myriads of wonderful events, stronger writing, and now hopefully a job at the local newspaper, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle. 

But most of all, through the efforts of a paleontology major and a film major, we created a vital force of our paper.  Through innovation, creative energies, and relentless work, we’ve created a presence on campus.  We’ve interviewed the president of MSU, the mayor, Reno 911, ran for ASMSU president, and even became a zombie once.  

What this position has taught me is the value of scheduling yourself and your employees, clear communication, management of equipment, and how to foster creative visions within your team.  Online production is where the new wave of filmmaking is speeding towards, and I am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to experience the process.  It has certainly helped solidified my love of online production.

While there have been many trials and errors through the process of creating video journalism, I do not regret a single day.  My life has changed because of this paper, and because of this puppet bobcat.

Thank you for everything, Biff Bobcat.  You will be missed.

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